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Day 6 at the World Series of Poker Main Event
July 14, 2009
There was nothing particularly exciting about the World Series of Poker Main Event on day 6. Of course, this could very well have been because of the crazy rounds that had happened in the two preceding days.

Day 5 at the World Series of Poker
July 13, 2009
It seems as though records are made to be broken. That is a tired cliché, but so is the tiredness of claiming that something can never happen again. We may have been guilty of implying such when describing the carnage that was day four at the main event..

Day 4 at the World Series of Poker
July 12, 2009
If there is one phrase that could sum up the sheer brutality of the World Series of Poker on day 4, it would have to be war of attrition. It was one of the craziest and quickest days in the history of the main event with people getting down..

Czech Republic and Slovakia to get Poker Tour
July 12, 2009
Sometime ago, we reported on the fact that Poker Stars was looking to get more play when it came to sponsoring live poker events happening outside of the United States. Well, it looks as though they have come up with the latest in that particular endeavor..

Day 3 at the World Series of Poker
July 11, 2009
Yesterday there was no update because no actual poker gaming went on. There was a media event designed to push up the anticipation for the moment when the entire remaining field at the Main Event would be gaming at the same time.

Genius Program Begins at Party Poker
July 10, 2009
Anyone that is interested in getting some free money should definitely be thinking about spending their next chunk of online playing time at Party Poker.

Some Big Names Still Alive at Day 2B Dinner Break
July 09, 2009
It was a record-breaking day for the simple reason that when day 2B started, there were 2,924 players that needed to be seated. That is record-breaking by a gigantic margin, enough so that the Rio needed every single poker table in their possession to accommodate all the players.

Day 2A at the World Series of Poker
July 08, 2009
The field at the World Series of Poker Main Event is so large that not only were four day ones needed in order to thin the field down, but two day twos will be needed on top of the four day ones to get the field down to a size that could fit into the same room.

Day 1D at the World Series of Poker
July 07, 2009
Day 1D at the World Series of Poker certainly had quite a few challenges to present to the average person. With the 2008 champion Peter Eastgate in the group of players playing on the final opening day, there were certainly a lot of people looking to take down the former champion early.

Day 1C at the World Series of Poker
July 06, 2009
The third installment of the first day of action at the World Series of Poker Main Event certainly had a number of interesting aspects to it. In fact, it can probably be safely said that to date this was the most interesting day of WSOP action.

Day 2 at the World Series of Poker
July 05, 2009
July 4th is always an emotional day within the United States as people move forward to celebrate the birth of a nation. In the poker room, despite the negative view of poker by the United States government, there was still a moment taken to honor the country with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

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