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Ultimate Bet for the Macintosh

It has been a long time coming, but Ultimate Bet has now joined the ranks of the truly accessible online poker websites. Just a few days ago, they have announced the release of their Mac software version, now available to users of the Mac O/S as a bona fide download and install option.

Thanks to this new Mac O/S version of the Ultimate Bet software, this particular poker site has joined the ranks of Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker as being sites that are universally playable on both the Windows and the Mac O/S platforms. While Bodog and Party Poker offer partial support for Mac games through their online instant play feature, they have yet to make their software truly Mac-friendly.

Ultimate Bet’s new Mac software actually went through the beta testing phase quite quickly. While the exact amount of time is unknown, the current reports seem to indicate that the software was beta tested for no more than two months before it was actually released in its first version release onto the marketplace. For that reason, Ultimate Bet for the Macintosh is software that appears to be so good that longer testing phases do not appear to be required.

As for the actual features list, Ultimate Bet’s Mac software actually has a lot of the same functionality as its conventional Windows software package. Players that play on Mac O/S systems will find that ring games and tournaments are universally available to players with Mac setups. Similarly, players that would like to play the online instant play option will also have that functionality available for them as Mac users so that they do not actually have to download the software package in order to make it work on their systems.

At the same time that Ultimate Bet made its Mac option available, so too did the Absolute Poker site remind people that it has the Mac option available. Absolute Poker is the sister site of Ultimate Bet in the reckoning of the online poker community. Now that both sites are offering a genuine Mac option, they have both joined the ranks of the totally accessible.