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Ultimate Bet Looking to Expand into Germany and Czech Republic

All in all, right now is a good time to be under the banner of the Ultimate Bet team. They have just come off a very successful 2009 Aruba Poker Classic during which the top prize was greater than $750,000 and they got all of the attention that was due an official WPT stop and then some. Perhaps because of their recent successes, Ultimate Bet is looking to keep the streak going.

To that end, they have launched This site, containing the two letter domain suffix that is associated with Germany, will be completely in the Germany language. It is intended to provide information to players located in Germany and it is also intended to promote a series of live poker tournaments that will take place in Germany in the near future. Players from the Czech Republic will also get a chance to participate in those tournaments as several of them will be held either in the Czech Republic proper or else close enough to the border between the two countries that Czech players will have no trouble making it to the host casino.

The inaugural event will be taking place on October 24th. This event will be held in Cologne, a city internationally famous as one of the best tourism destinations in Germany. That event will have a buy-in of EUR 25.00 and will actually contain a Smart Car built by Mercedes as the grand prize.

Following the inaugural event, the festivities will shift to Aulendorf on November 11th for the second tournament. While details for tournaments after that date are still being set up, Ultimate Bet is confident that multiple locations within Germany and within the Czech Republic will make it onto the list of live tournaments.

For now, Ultimate Bet is holding monthly live events at Casino Flamingo on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. They hold a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000. It is not much in comparison to the prize pools at the Aruba Poker Classic, but with more time, people and marketing exposure, one can definitely expect those prize amounts to grow.