Top Poker Room Announces Anthrax Sponsorship announced just recently that they have taken over official sponsorship of the bus that the band Anthrax is using on their current concert tour throughout the United States. The main benefit that will be able to draw from this sponsorship is of course a picture of their logo front and centre on the bus as it is driving across the USA.

The official sponsorship announcement is actually not something that comes from totally out of left field as people that are knowledgeable about the organization will realize the prior ties between the online poker site and the Anthrax band. Specifically, the lead singer for Anthrax is Scott Ian and he just happens to be the exact same Scott Ian that you will see posted as a member of the online poker team.

Scott Ian is a musician first and foremost but you will see from his profile that avid online poker player could be called a close second to his music. In fact, more than one tour insider will be able to confirm the fact that Scott Ian has been playing at while on the tour bus for a long time now and will likely continue to do so for a long time in the future.

In addition to officially sponsoring the tour, will be giving out at least one pair of tickets for each of the remaining 15 stops on the tour. In order to be entered into a drawing for the tickets, people will need to see the picture request contest posted on the Facebook page at

Players should check the site regularly during the time between the end of the previous stop’s concert and the stop they are interested in. There should be contest details posted on the Facebook page with a request to take a photograph about a particular thing. All photos taken and uploaded to the page during the next 90 minutes will be eligible for the contest with posting the winning entry after that time frame has passed. The winning entrant will then have 10 minutes during which to accept their prize before it is made available to the next person in line.