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Poker in the Park Sponsored by Bodog

2010 will see the Poker in the Park festival taking place once again in Leicester Square, a large outdoor park located in London, England. This year, the festival will be two days in length on September 2nd and 3rd and it has just been announced that Bodog Poker will be sponsoring a large part of the festivities.

Bodog Poker will be the official title sponsor of the event and specifically their organization will be responsible for hosting a Poker Dome. There will be two domes in the park and Bodog staff will be seen running live sit and go poker tournaments around the clock in one of them. Each tournament will begin with 80 players and admission to the tournament is completely free with prizes available. Right now, Bodog Poker expects at least 20,000 to play in a tournament over the course of that 48-hour period.

As is typical of such events, Bodog Poker will be putting their own style and flair to work in the creation of this particular event. Therefore, you can expect to see things like the Bodog logo all over the place as well as many beautiful women attending the festivities much as you’d expect from other Bodog-run events.

There are also many professional players under the Bodog Poker brand that will be giving lectures and poker strategy sessions throughout that period of time. Poker in the Park 2010 will therefore be an interesting time for all to have. It will even try to compete with Poker in the Park 2009 which was able to offer appearances from people like Peter Eastgate (2008 WSOP Main Event Champion) and Jamie Gold (2006 WSOP Main Event Champion).

Overall, you can expect Poker in the Park to be that same combination of having fun playing poker and winning a little cash playing poker as well. Although prizes are modest since entry into the tournaments is free, you can still get in on some of this Bodog-sponsored action and have a blast in the process while meeting some of the best poker players in the world.