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Poker Stars Seeking Best American Poker Nation

Although we associate the word America with the United States of America, the fact of the matter is that the word actually refers to all of the countries that collectively make up North, Central and South America. That represents a large chunk of the world and Poker Stars is now interested in seeing which country from the Western Hemisphere has the best poker players representing it.

In order to find that out, Poker Stars has created the Americas Cup. It is an online poker competition that will see $150,000 given away in the final to the countries that collectively bring their best game when it matters the most.

Overall, 10 teams will be participating in the Americas Cup. Those teams are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and LATAM which will include players from the other countries in Latin America.

The qualification round for the Americas Cup started on March 15th. It will run for a full month and will feature sit and go tournaments in three tiers corresponding to entry fees of freeroll, one cent and one dollar plus ten cents. People from the different countries can perform on those tiers and based on their performance can add points to the totals for their country. Once the qualification round is over, the eight countries that are at the top of the leader charts will move into the finals and the remaining two will be done for the tournament.

Each team in the finals will take its four highest point getting players into that final round and will be captained by the respective Team Poker Stars professional player that hails from that country originally. The actual final tournament will be played live in South America with the winning team earning $50,000, the runner up getting $35,000 and the third place team taking home $20,000. Overall, the cash prizes available in these tournaments are impressive even when they are split between the different members of each poker country. At the end of it all, Poker Stars will know which country in the western hemisphere had the best game to bring.