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Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge Starting

Most of the networks have started to clue into the fact that televised poker has become a big money making device. For that reason, Fox is now getting into the mix of things by creating a series known as the Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge. This show will have its first instalment air on October 11th after football action has completed.

The basic premise of the Million Dollar Challenge is actually similar to Face the Ace, another poker series that has had instalments of episodes on television. However, the Million Dollar Challenge has some differences that are important to point out.

It starts with a player that has won a freeroll at Poker Stars and had their one-minute video selected as the most deserving for an appearance on the show. This player appears on the Million Dollar challenge and spends the first round playing poker against a celebrity that is either as skilled or less skilled than them in the game. Furthermore, the player will have the advice of Daniel Negreanu to help them as the Poker Stars pro will sit right next to them at the table.

If the player wins that match, the second round will feature them going head to head with a Poker Stars professional that is not Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu will still be around in a booth however and the player can go and get advice from him that is out of earshot from the professional at the table.

If the player wins this second round, the third round will feature them going against Daniel Negreanu. They need to beat him heads up in order to advance to the final round. In order to beat the final round, they will have to defeat Daniel Negreanu again. If the player can complete the Herculean task of defeating one of the best poker players in the world twice in a row in heads up play, they will have truly earned the $1 million grand prize that is being offered.

At earlier stages, smaller prizes are available that the player can take and run with. However, all of them pale in comparison to the $1 million that is waiting at the end of a successful round four.