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Party Poker heats up Million Dollar Hand Promotion

With the Los Angeles Poker Classic on the World Poker Tour coming up, Party Poker has decided to pull out some extra stops as part of their quest to promote this particular event to as many different people as possible.

At the head of their promotions efforts is the Million Dollar Hand from Party Poker. As part of this promotion, any player can accumulate different hands under this promotion and then get prizes based on the hands they acquire. Anyone getting a pair will get $3 in cash with additional prizes of $10 (two pair), $20 (three of a kind), $50 (straight), $100 (flush), $150 (full house), $1000 (four of a kind) and $10,000 (straight flush) possible.

The ultimate prize available as part of this promotion is of course for the Royal Flush, the highest ranked hand possible in the world of poker. This hand will get you a prize of $1 million right off the bat. If this hand is gained by someone that already has Palladium VIP status, it will also come with a prize package that includes a seat at the WPT Los Angeles Poker Classic.

The second part of this promotion is piggybacked into the Million Dollar Hand promotion and it involves the participation of only members with Palladium status. It is a points race with VIP points earned based on the number of loyalty points that players can achieve. 3 VIP points per day are possible with 300 Party Points. At the end of the race which starts on the 5th of January and runs through to the penultimate day of the month, the players that are seeded 1st and 2nd will get the LAPC prize package.

For all of the other players that have made it into the 200 highest spots on the leaderboard, there will be a tournament for consolation that has a nothing to sneeze at prize pool of $150,000 attached. With all of these different ways to win available, it is not surprising that at the end of the Million Dollar Hand and LAPC promotions there will be a lot of happier Party Poker players around.