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Party Poker bringing Gladiator back in May 2011

The Gladiator is without a doubt one of the most popular online poker promotions to be run more than once and Party Poker understands this enough to have brought it back in the month of May, a time when all eyes are starting to turn towards the World Series of Poker and all of the drama that always accompanies the official proving ground of tournament poker.

The same rules apply to this Gladiator promotion as have applied to the ones from past months. This means that players can get cash prizes of $10 to $4000 depending on how many points they are able to earn per day for a set number of days. To players that are able to earn 1200 points daily for 30 days in the month, there is the opportunity to get a seat directly into the World Series of Poker Main Event or else a payout of $7000 if the winning player is unable to make it in for that event.

Starting at the bottom is easy with this promotion as any player earning 5 points per day for 5 days in the month will gain entry into a freeroll tournament with $2500 in cash guaranteed. Players earning further points for longer periods of time can get entries into other freeroll tournaments with prize pools of $5000, $10,000 and $25,000.

What makes The Gladiator so good as a promotion is that players can play to their strengths and win the different prizes in different ways. That means that if you want the $25,000 freeroll entry, you can go ahead and play long periods of time to get 5 points per day for 20 days. If you feel that you want to concentrate your point-gaining efforts, go ahead and earn 50 points per day for 5 days and you can still get in. A more balanced option would be earning 10 points per day for 15 days on the length side or 20 points per day for 10 days on the intensity side.

As is always the case with this promotion, the player has a lot of choice in how they want to get the most out of their online poker promotional experience. That is why it continues to be a popular Party Poker online poker promotion.