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Party Poker’s VIP Gift Accumulator Adds to December Promotions

Party Poker seems to be intent on letting the year 2010 go out with a bang and that is why they have come out with many different promotions aimed at this particular month. The latest in this line of promotions is the VIP Gift Accumulator, a seriously sweet promotion that could allow you to walk away with six prizes and more.

The premise of the promotion is simple. As a player at Party Poker, you simply go ahead and play at the real money cash games and tournaments on the website, attempting to earn as many points as possible. The normal Party Points are what you would earn anyway, but during this promotion they will be put to an additional use.

From December 1st to December 14th, anyone that earns 1500 points will get $50 in bonus cash. Earning 3000 points is worth $100 in cash. Earning 6000 points is worth an iPod Touch. Earning 12,000 points is worth $700 in cash. Earning 20,000 points is worth an iPad with 16 GB capacity. Finally, earning 30,000 points will get you a $5000 buy-in for a live tournament held on the World Poker Tour. Notice that this promotion is about accumulation, which means that if you earn 20,000 points you get all six of these prizes, not just the one at the top.

In addition to this type of prize accumulation, Party Poker will be giving away tickets for a raffle draw on the 17th of the month. This raffle draw will have many prizes available in it including $10,000 in cold hard cash. The tickets are handed out along with the prizes as players will earn one, two, four, eight, fourteen and twenty prize tickets per respective level earned.

Between these two promotions, players could easily end up walking away with tens of thousands of dollars in cash. Players able to reach the top level could also parlay that WPT appearance into an even bigger payday, giving them the chance to walk away with huge amounts of cash for nothing more than they would do anyway while playing real money online poker at Party Poker, one of the leading brands in the business.