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NBC Hires Former Soprano for Face the Ace

Face the Ace, the new poker show that has come to fruition on the NBC television network, is going to be getting some high-powered help in the form of Steve Schirripa. Many people may not recognize the name, but the former actor on the Sopranos television series is definitely a face that many people would recognize immediately. He is set to become the host of the show with episodes already aired during the month of August.

Thus far, Face the Ace has not been particularly impressive in the ratings, but NBC hopes that things will turn around once people get a chance to see the high-powered nature of the show. In particular, the combination of the one-on-one battles with the best in the poker world and the personal charisma of Schirripa should be looked forward to by many and may just be what the show needs to keep doing in order to see its ratings improve.

The qualification process for Face the Ace takes place primarily on Full Tilt Poker. Any player can get into freeroll tournaments for the first round of the tournament. Only players that are able to win their round one freerolls will get invited to round two. Only players that are able to win their round two freerolls will get invited to round three. In the end, the winner of each round three freeroll tournament will get a chance to appear on the show and Face the Ace.

At the current moment in time, Face the Ace offers a very impressive payout amount while at the same time also offering one of the harshest schemes. In a virtual “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” of poker, Face the Ace gives a particular player the chance to win a million dollars, but it also punishes them all the way back down to nothing should they lose to one of their aces along the way to that prize amount. Players are given the chance to walk with various amounts of money less than $1 million should they not want to play another match, but a lost match means no money. It is a high stakes all-or-nothing showdown in the purest sense of the term.