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High Stakes Poker to Quickly Start Season 6

Many fans will be relieved to hear that High Stakes Poker is coming back for a sixth season that will be on the airwaves early on in the 2010 year. Of course, High Stakes Poker is an interesting show because of the fact that all of the signs appeared to be pointing to the fact that it was going to be cancelled after the fifth season had wrapped up.

First, there was the demographic aspect to the show. Even though High Stakes Poker scored exceptionally well with male viewers, the female viewers that have had a large hand in making GSN a successful network do not appear to enjoy the show that much.

Second, there was the management shakeup that took place at GSN. When the new management came to power, there were rumours circulating that said management was not particularly eager in order to continue the show.

Third, there was the cancellation of the World Poker Tour. The tour itself was not cancelled, but GSN cancelled the deal they had that allowed them to cover the WPT and broadcast some of the events that took place on the tour.

All of these seemingly isolated events appeared to be establishing a pattern that showed that High Stakes Poker would find itself on the cutting room floor when it came time for GSN to ramp up their shows and introduce something new.

However, it appears as though we may have counted the show out too soon. In a recent interview, Barry Greenstein let the secret slip. It appears as though the company that was responsible for producing the show would film season six over the course of the next three months. As mentioned above, those episodes would then air on GSN in early 2010.

For now, however, fans of televised poker will have to be content with looking at reruns of the earlier seasons of High Stakes Poker and whatever new Poker After Dark weeks have to offer. Poker After Dark is actually produced by the same company that produces High Stakes Poker, so one can appreciate the strong tradition of poker programming excellence that comes out of that camp.