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Gold Stacks now a part of the Cake Poker Rewards Program

Loyalty programs of all shapes and sizes are generally accepted nowadays as part of the way in which a particular online poker website chooses to market itself to its players. Cake Poker has long been a part of the loyalty program offering group of online poker websites, but now they’ve decided to take things to the next level in an effort to drum up more interest in the product that they’re offering.

They’ve added the gold stack designation to the loyalty program that they’ve given out. This designation is one that will allow players to go beyond the two current designations of frequent player point (FPP) and gold chip (GC). Now, if players collect enough FPPs, they change first into GCs and then into gold stacks. These gold stacks are worth a lot more both in terms of redemption rates for tournament entry and also in terms of redemption rates for cold hard cash. This is a new element to Cake Poker’s loyalty program and they’re hopeful that the prospect of better rewards is something that’ll draw more players to them.

To show just how committed they are to rewarding players that are extremely loyal to their online poker website, they’ve gone even further with the gold stack promotion and created a speed-based redemption system. Players that complete multiple gold stacks quicker will be eligible for different bonuses that are both Turbo Bonuses and even Super Turbo Bonuses if they are able to get the gold stacks completed quickly enough. Therefore, players can be rewarded more not only for just playing at Cake Poker a lot, but also for playing at the online poker site a lot and a lot faster.

Of course, Cake Poker does not wish to alienate people that might not have the time necessary to quickly complete gold stacks. Therefore, the Turbo program is presented only as an add-on to the gold stack promotion. Everyone can benefit from completing gold stacks and then there is a bonus on top of that in the form of the Turbo package for players that are especially fast at making them complete.