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Full Tilt Poker Giving Away Massive WPT Berths

The World Poker Tour is easily one of the most prestigious live tournament circuits Aside from perhaps the World Series of Poker itself, the WPT is definitely the most watched and highest regarded series of live poker tournaments to take place on the planet When people can get into a WPT event they always manage to find a way to go For Full Tilt Poker players therefore, the latest tournament promotion to come out of the site is all the more welcome.

This latest promotion involves a partnership with the World Poker Tour and in particular a partnership with them concerning two of their upcoming events in the New Year The first of these events is on February 26, 2010 and it takes place in Los Angeles This event, known as the LA Poker Classic, will have a prize pool likely approaching or even surpassing the $7 million mark.

The second event will take place shortly afterwards on March 8, 2010 This event will be taking place in San Jose which is not that far from the Los Angeles location of the first event It is known as the Bay 101 Shooting Stars Championship and last year it boasted a top prize that was $1 million It was won by Steve Brecher from Full Tilt Poker, making this particular event a very meaningful one for this promotion.

The promotion is quite simple Satellite tournaments will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as Sunday afternoons in the Eastern Time Zone between now and the LA Poker Classic event Each Tuesday night satellite tournament will award 1 package of the winner’s choice to either event Thursday night’s satellite tournament will award two packages with the winners choosing which event to attend The same is true for the satellite tournaments run on Sundays In total, that means that Full Tilt Poker will be sending five players a week to these two events.

Since Full Tilt Poker has many players that are vying for these prizes, there are super satellite tournaments available as well This means that at Full Tilt Poker, you could potentially win entry into one of these two WPT events for as little as 50 cents.