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Five points can lead to five hundred thousand dollars at Party Poker

In an effort to really appeal to their fans towards the end of a year that will hopefully signify a resurgence in an economy that has been flat for a couple of year, Party Poker has decided to give everyone a chance to really explode their bonus earnings before too much time has passed during the year.

It is called the Five Star Poker Challenge and to get in on the action all you have to do is earn 5 Party Points per day. That’s all. Simply earn those five points and the next day you will get into a freeroll tournament with a $5000 prize pool. One of these will be available every single day and that means that you can play in 31 different tournaments, each with a $5000 prize pool, if you simply earn those five points each day.

The potential for free bonus cash doesn’t end there however as Party Poker has cash prizes available for those that win multiple tournaments if anyone ends up accomplishing that feat. If you win two of these daily tournaments, you’ll get $5000 in cold hard cash. Win one more and that reward gets increased to $50,000. If you can somehow win five of these tournaments, there is a cool $500,000 with your name on it. That is a life-changing amount of money and it can be yours if you play your cards right at Party Poker.

It is extremely rare that such a small entry barrier can lead to such a large amount of money, but that is definitely the case when it comes to Party Poker. With just these five points, you can easily make your online dreams come true. Those extra prizes come in addition to what you’d get for winning the tournament of course, but then again they wouldn’t be extra prizes if that wasn’t true of them. If 2010 was a year that you’d like to forget financially or even if it wasn’t, Party Poker is giving you the chance to give the salute of victory to this year as you move onto bigger and better things.