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EPT Final Getting High Attention

Although the European Poker Tour (EPT) does not have the same international attention as the World Poker Tour (WPT), there is no question that the series of regional tours created by Poker Stars have started to light a fire underneath the online poker industry. This is important to keep in mind purely from the point of view of eyeballs because it is ultimately eyeballs that determine how popular a particular show is.

This is likely the reason that the EPT at Poker Stars is going to be shown to a wider audience this year, because people really seemed to like watching the Grand Final than when similar events were shown. Not only will this be a live tournament this time around with live spectators, but there will be television stations in Europe carrying forward the banner as well.

One important reason for this shift has to do with venue. Previously, it was up to Monte Carlo to be responsible for holding the EPT Grand Final and because of that they could afford to sacrifice coverage based on what other events they had available. This year’s event will be taking place at the Casino Gran Madrid in Spain and that casino has been far more aggressive in making sure that the requisite television deals have been arranged.

Another thing to keep in mind when considering the EPT Grand Final is the fact that the live hole card cameras will be in play as well. This is important because there is no doubt that those live hole-card cameras will be amongst the best draws for actual spectators over the television networks. There has been no doubt that since those cameras have come into play, different people have been watching than would otherwise have been interested in televised poker. This is important because it essentially means that people are going to be watching specifically so that they can see some of the best in Europe and take into account their strategy and the hands that they play.

May 12th will be the debut date for the television series and there will be commentary taking place in six different languages. With 2 million Euros at least on the line in terms of the winner’s share, this is definitely going to be a fun live poker tournament.