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Annie Duke Releases iPhone Poker App

Annie Duke, one of the best women poker players in the world, has decided to enter the world of iPhone app competition by releasing her very own iPhone application. The app, which is already online and available for free download, will feature a condensed version of all of the knowledge that she has gained over the course of her illustrious career as a professional poker player.

Duke is certainly one of the best poker teachers in the world and that is the reason why she keeps getting called back to deal with people that want to learn to play the game of poker. People like her style of teaching because it is comprehensive without being condescending and since her brother Howard Lederer is known as The Poker Professor it is probably something that runs through her family.

Regardless of how she has managed to obtain that skill, the fact of the matter is that she has it now and as part of a promotional run at UB (the site she endorsers as a poker professional), this iPhone app has been released. It is called the Annie Duke Poker Tutor and as a way to cross-promote, has decided to have a $250 freeroll tournament for users of this particular iPhone app. Annie Duke will be playing in that tournament herself and if someone manages to knock her out of the tournament they will end up receiving a bounty of $50 on top of anything else they might win from the prize pool in the tournament.

So the app certainly has become noticed, but is it actually appreciably different from the other apps that are available on the marketplace? Annie Duke certainly seems to think so because she’s spent hours sitting down at her table and actually painstakingly going through the work in order to make sure that the “Tip of the Day” function is actually paragraphs of information for each tip and therefore amounts to a free course in poker basics. With an attached odds calculator that will soon be expanded to full-table and Omaha situations, Duke feels that this app is unique enough from the others that it is worth the download.