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2011 Aussie Millions Front and Center at Party Poker

Party Poker has started their qualification series of tournaments for the 2011 Aussie Millions tournament. One of the reasons that Party Poker has put a lot of time and effort into their qualification tournaments this year is that the winner of the 2010 Aussie Millions tournament was someone that qualified on Party Poker.

Tyron Krost ended up getting his prize package through an online qualification tournament from Party Poker. The same is true for Frederik Jensen, the man that ended up facing Krost heads up was also a person that qualified on Party Poker. Jensen ended up losing that tournament, but the fact that both of the finalists in the tournament came from Party Poker qualifiers is something that has had many people interested in qualifying through Party Poker this year.

For the purposes of this qualification tournament series, Party Poker will have two prize packages available. The first prize package is offered to Australian players and is worth $14,000 in total. This not only covers the buy-in of $10,500, but it also is good for 10 nights at the Crown Hotel as well as $500 in cash for spending throughout the course of the tournament. International players will get a prize package of $16,000 instead that includes $2500 in spending cash so that they can pay for transportation from their country to Australia in order to be able to participate in the tournament.

The satellite tournaments for the 2011 Aussie Millions began on November 22nd and they are expected to continue right through to January until the start of the actual tournament. As is typically the case with these types of tournaments, players can buy their way into advanced stages of the qualification process or they can start at the bottom for a much cheaper amount of money and attempt to win their way to the top instead. The choice is completely up to the player, but at the end of both paths is of course the prize package for the Aussie Millions of 2011, an event that is sure to boast a seven or eight figure prize pool.