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Poker Deposit Options:

There have been a huge increase in the amount of deposit options available for poker players over the past couple years. I feel that it’s important that every player is aware of all the deposit options available to them so that they can use the easiest option available to them. One thing you need to keep in mind is that every online poker room won’t offer every one of these deposit methods. For a detailed list of deposit options available for specific online poker rooms you should read our poker room deposit option pages. Below is a list of the deposit options you can use in most online poker rooms.

Credit and Debit Cards

credit cards MasterCard & Visa – Both MasterCard and Visa are popular deposit options throughout every online poker room. All of your transactions with either of the two options will be processed immediately and you’ll have the funds available right away. You also won’t pay any fees when you’re making a deposit using one of these two credit cards.

Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard & Diners Club – These four debit card deposit options are available for players around the world and they also process right away. If you don’t have a credit card to use then the next best deposit method for most players is to use a debit card.

EntroPay – EntroPay is a virtual Visa card which you can fund using your bank account or credit card. You can then use your EntroPay Visa Card to fund your online poker account. Most online poker rooms support this service and it’s quickly becoming one of the most used deposit options in the industry.

Chinese Debit Cards – Players from Asia will be able to fund their poker account using Chinese Debit Cards although this method isn’t supported by very many online poker rooms currently.

Laser Debit Cards – Players from Ireland can use their Laser Debit Card to fund their poker account in most online poker rooms out there. There are no fees associated with your deposit and the money will be processed instantly.

Solo & Maestro Debit Cards – For players in the UK you’ll be able to use two different debit card deposit options in almost every online poker room. The two options you have apart from the ones listed above include Solo and Maestro Debit Cards.

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Bank Accounts

bank account Bank Transfer – Players from around the world will be able to fund their online poker accounts using their own bank account by sending the poker room a bank transfer. Only certain countries will be allowed to use bank transfers as a deposit option, but many are supported.

Boleto – Boleto is a deposit option for poker players in Brazil who want to fund their online poker account using their bank account.

Wire Transfers – Wire transfer is probably the most popular bank account deposit option because it’s available for players around the world. It’s also a quick and painless process which doesn’t take long and there will be no fees from the poker room for using this deposit method.

Cheques – Most poker rooms will allow players from anywhere in the world to send them cheques to fund their poker accounts. The only downside about using cheques as your deposit option is that you’ll have to wait for the cheque to be processed before the money will be available.

* E-Check – If you’re like me and you don’t like having to wait for your money when you make a deposit then instead of a mailing a cheque you should use e-checks. When you send someone an e-check it’s like sending them a virtual cheque from your bank account. The money will be taken from your bank account within a few days, but in most cases you’ll have the money deposited into your account instantly.

PayPoint Invoice – You can print an invoice off of many online poker rooms that support this deposit option. You then bring the invoice into one of the many PayPoint locations in the UK so that you can pay the invoice and have the funds deposited into your poker account.

CommerzBank, DeutscheBank24 & DresdnerBank – The three following deposit options are only available for poker players in Germany. They are all online banking deposit options and are three of the most popular deposit options for the country of Germany.

Elba – Elba is a deposit option strictly for poker players in Austria. Players that live in Austria can use Elba to deposit to several online poker rooms using their bank account.

ENETS – ENETS is a deposit options that is for players in Singapore and will allow players in the country to deposit to quite a few poker rooms using their bank accounts.

iDeal – iDeal has become a popular deposit option and is available in a lot of online poker rooms. It’s continually being implemented into the cashier section of many poker rooms as well. Only players from the Netherlands will be able to use iDeal to fund their poker room accounts.

InstaDebit – InstaDebit is a deposit option for Canadian poker players and allows anyone in Canada to fund their online poker account using their bank account. A lot of poker rooms support this deposit option due to the large number of Canadians using InstaDebit.

POLI – POLI is available for poker players in Australia and the UK. You can use your bank account to fund your poker room through POLI and is a safe and secure option. POLI is also one of the only options for Australian poker players who want to use their bank account to fund their poker account.

Przelewy24 – Przeley24 is the most popular deposit option for poker players in Poland. You can use your bank account to fund your account and the best thing about this service is that they are associated with all of the big banks in the country. This means that basically anyone with a bank account in Poland will be able to fund their online poker account using this deposit option.

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e-wallets Click&Buy – Click&Buy is an online e-wallet available for players in lots of countries around the world. You will be able to fund your Click&Buy account using numerous options which you can find on their website.

Moneta – Moneta is an online e-wallet service which allows players in Russia to deposit money to their poker account using their bank account. Deposits will be processed instantly and this deposit option has grown into a popular method for Russian poker players.

Moneybookers – Moneybookers is a service available for players around the world and there are thousands of people that currently use this deposit option. There are lots of ways to fund your Moneybookers account and once your account is funded you can send the funds directly to your poker account. Most online poker rooms accept Moneybookers as it’s one of the leading e-wallet payment options available to players globally.

NetTeller – NetTeller has been around for years now and millions of people have used NetTeller in the past for online purchases. One of the things you can purchase online using NetTeller is poker funds in most of the online poker rooms out there. NetTeller is easy to sign-up for and you’ll be able to fund your NetTeller account using one of the many options available to you.

Paypal – Paypal is one of the most well known payment processors and they don’t process gambling transactions for most countries, but they do accept gambling transactions for players in the UK and other countries in Europe. If you live in Europe or the UK then you should check to see if Paypal is an option for you.

Dankort, GiroPay, iDeal, Nordea, P24, Poli & Sofortuberweisung are deposit options available in some online poker rooms. Each of them is country specific so you’ll need to see whether or not your country is supported by one of these options. All of them are powered through Moneybookers though, so you’ll need a Moneybookers account in order to use these deposit options.

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PrePaid Options

prepaid card PayPoint E-Voucher – PayPoint E-Vouchers are available for players in the UK only and can be purchased at numerous locations throughout the UK. Not that many poker rooms support this deposit option, but more and more seem to be implementing this option into their cashier options.

PaySafe Card – A PaySafe Card can be used to fund your poker account at most of the online poker rooms out on the market right now. The service is only open for players in Austria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium and Slovenia.

UKash – UKash is quickly becoming one of the leading deposit options for poker players in several different countries. The service is currently open for players in the UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Ireland and you’ll need to find a local shop near you in order to purchase a voucher. Soon players will be able to purchase vouchers online at the UKash website, but this feature isn’t complete yet for most of the countries.

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