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When Not To Slow Play

Slow playing a hand is something I see many inexperienced players do too frequently. In general you should always bet and not slow play your strong hands to extract value from other players involved in the pot to get them to pay for their draws.

If the board texture is very coordinated such as two cards of the same suit, don't slow play your hand because other players can draw to a better hand. It's better to win a small pot then to try and be deceptive in the hand by slow playing a monster hand, only to get outdrawn and lose a big pot.

Starting hands such as pocket aces and pocket kings are rarely the best hand when faced with aggression on the river, so play them aggressively on the flop and turn. The only time you want to show weakness in a hand is when you have a monster hand. Overpairs or sets when the board texture has a possible flush draw is allowing other players to draw to a better hand.

In this particular hand will show an example of when not to slow play. The player in BB makes a raise and gets a call from one other players.

The flop is 7A6 which is a coordinated flop with two cards of the same suit and the flop is checked. The turn is also checked by both players and the river card is a K, making a possible straight or flush.

The initial aggressor overbets the pot with a top set and gets a call from the other player who made a straight on the river. If the initial raiser would have bet the flop, they more then likely would have won a small pot instead of losing a medium sized pot.