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Using Position to Bluff the River Card

Position and bluffing is very important when playing no limit texas holdem.

Generally it's best only bluffing and semi-bluffing on the flop and turn, because by the time it gets to the river, most players will feel committed to their hand, however if the pot is not very big then you can sometimes use the power of late position to win a pot.

You should only consider doing this when you suspect the other players in the pot not to have a strong holding and you feel they are good enough players to be capable of folding a mediocre hand.

In this particular hand I was dealt 89s which is a good starting hand to see the flop with in late position when playing deep stack poker.

The flop is 79Q and I flop middle pair. The flop is a fairly wet board texture and the initial player who raised pre flop bets the flop, which they could be doing with top pair, a draw, or air.

The turn card is a 5 which completes a flush, but it gets checked around. If one of the other players would have completed a flush then I'm sure they would have fired again with another bet on the turn.

The river card is an A which is another scare card, so even if one of the other players involved in the pot had a Q, it's a scary board for them. So when it gets checked around to me in late position I semi bluff at the pot and take it down.

Situations like this making playing in late position so much more profitable, because you gain information over your opponent which you wouldnt have gained playing in early position.