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Playing Your Position in Heads-Up Poker

One thing that I see a lot of heads-up poker players doing is they will not play their position in the hand very well. By not playing your position properly in heads-up poker you’re allowing your opponent to take advantage of your weakness. We’re going to walk you through some tips that will help you learn why playing your position in heads-up poker is so important to your success.

Obviously you want to have late position on your opponent in heads-up poker after the flop. You should try and keep the pots small when you’re in early position and build them up a bit when you’re in late position. The reason you want to keep pots small when you’re in early position is because your opponent has the upper hand on you in the hand unless you happen to hit a monster. One thing you need to remember about heads-up poker is that you’ll both probably miss the flop so the player with position often holds the upper hand.

When you’re in late position you’ll be able to see how your opponent acts before you and this will give you lots of valuable insight. If your opponent only flat calls preflop and then checks over to you on the flop then they are definitely showing weakness. In this type of situation you can use the late position to make a bet on the flop no matter what your hand is. If your opponent calls or raises the pot then you might need to slow down and reconsider what your opponent might be holding.

In late position you’ll also be able to determine how strong your opponent is based on how they bet the pot. For instance, if your opponent raises the pot preflop by 4x the big blind and they typically only do this with a monster hand then you can put your money on the fact they have a hand again. You can get away from big hands like this when in late position and it won’t cost you anything more then your big blind.

Late position is always the best position to be in when playing heads-up poker, but you can’t just play in late position and I understand this. When you’re in early position you need to make sure you only play hands you feel confident about or that you’re willing to bluff all the way with. You don’t want to get caught flat calling out of position in heads-up poker because by the time the river drops you’ll have no clue where you stand in the hand. You’re better off raising out of position early in the hand to find out where you stand in the hand.