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How to Play Heads-Up against a Tight Player

When play heads-up poker you’re going to be playing against a tight player or a loose player for the most part and you won’t find many players that are in between. We have already talked about how you should play against a loose poker player in a previous article and we recommend you spend some time reading that article after you’re done going through this one. Playing against a tight poker player heads-up is completely different then playing against a loose player.

If you’re playing heads-up poker against a tight player then you need to be willing to change your playing style so that you’re playing more aggressive then usual. If you’re already an aggressive player then you’ll have an upper hand when you’re playing against tight players. With tight players they generally wait around for their big hands and then they try and trap you into loosing your chips. If you can sniff out the hands when they’re trying to trap you then you’re going to have no problem winning the game.

You should raise a lot of pots preflop against a tight player heads-up and you shouldn’t let them see any free flops. Allowing a tight player to see free flops will only cause you problems and will eventually cost you a big hand in the future if it hasn’t already. Keep in mind that you don’t need to raise the pot up much and you only need to throw out 2-3X the big blind. The reason you don’t want to over commit your chips into the pot preflop is in case your opponent wakes up with a monster hand and they come over the top. If you only have 2-3X the big blind in the pot then you’ll easily be able to fold if you get raised.

Tight poker players will definitely play some of their hands whether you raise or not and you need to be willing to make sure you follow up your bets with a continuation bet. 80-90% of the time you should make a continuation bet into the pot after the flop. The only time you shouldn’t is when the flop most likely hit your opponent’s range. A tight player isn’t going to get cute with you on the flop most of the time and they will simply fold if they didn’t hit anything. If you end up getting called then your opponent might have a pair or a draw or something along those lines. In this case you need to begin slowing down the betting unless you think you can steal the pot with a big bet on the turn or river.