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Freeroll Tournament Strategy

So you’re thinking about playing some freeroll tournaments, but you have no clue what they are about or how you should attack them? Well we’re going to help you construct a winning freeroll tournament strategy today that will ensure you have the best chance at winning some money while playing in these types of events. When you play in a freeroll tournament it doesn’t cost any of the players any money and there is typically a small prize pool that can be won.

Only the top few players are going to make money in a freeroll tournament which is a downfall because of the large playing field that compete in most freeroll tournaments. Since there will be a lot of players in the freeroll tournament that you play you want to make sure you don’t waste your time. In order to have a shot at winning a freeroll tournament you’re going to need to win a lot of chips and a lot of big pots.

In the early stages of a freeroll tournament you want to make sure you push the action as much as you can without getting caught. You want to make sure you’re playing a lot of hands so that you have the chance to hit a big hand. Without a huge amount of chips you’re not going to stand a shot at making money in a freeroll event so I recommend betting out a lot.

If you make it through the early and middle stages of the tournament and you have a big stack of chips in front of you then I would recommend slowing down and only playing your premium hands. Once you have a lot of chips you only need a couple big hands to solidify your chances at winning the event. You also don’t want to lose your chips once you’ve earned them unless you lose due to a bad beat. As long as you have the best hand when the chips are going into the middle of the pot then you’ve done your job.

Freeroll tournaments are geared towards players without a bankroll. If you don’t have a bankroll then you can use freeroll tournaments to gain some playing experience plus you have the potential of winning money. There have been several poker players that have started out playing freeroll tournaments and they are now playing the biggest cash games around. Every new poker player needs to start somewhere and there isn’t a much better place to start then freeroll tournaments.

Many of the big poker rooms will offer freeroll tournaments to their players including Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, PKR Poker and many other rooms. New poker rooms will also offer freeroll tournaments so that they can draw in new players so keep an eye out for them. Often the new poker rooms add bigger prize pools then the established poker rooms so keep this in mind when hunting for a freeroll tournament to play.