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Final Table Strategy

When you’re playing in large multi-table tournaments and you’ve made it to the final table then there is no point throwing away what works. You should stick to the basics to ensure that you can win the most amount of money. Often in multi-table tournaments the pay scale varies greatly, which means that the higher position you make the more money you’re going to make.

For instance, you might win $300 for 9th place, $1500 for 5th place and 11,000 for 1st place. As you can see there is a lot of variance between the payouts that are made to players. There is no point making the final table and then throwing your chips away so that you walk away with $300. Typically your strategy is going to be reflective of your chip stack.

When you have a lot of chips left compared to the other players on the final table then it’s suggested that you play really tight. You won’t increase your stack much, but the goal is to watch some of the players be knocked out of the event without you doing anything. Often the short stacks will be eliminated early so you will be able to move up a couple spots right away. You will need to play any of the premium hands you have and hopefully you can turn one of them into a large pot.

Generally I have found the top 3 positions make the biggest percentage of the prize pool in tournaments and when you go to 4th place the prize money seems kind of low for the amount of time you spent playing. You should play really strict poker during the final table so that you can try and lock up a top three position. If you need to make an all-in move with a premium hand and you lose on a bad beat then there is nothing you can do about that. However, you can prevent yourself from going all-in on a bluff and losing your chips with nothing so ensure you don’t make any silly mistakes.

It’s a great feeling to make the final table, but you’ll definitely regret not taking it seriously afterwards if you finish in 7th – 9th place. The prize money just isn’t close to the top positions so when you do make it as far as the final table you want to make sure you maximum your profits.

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