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Check Call The River to Induce a Bluff

This video will show an example of when it's a good idea to check/call the river to induce a bluff. Generally this is good to do when you expect the other player to have missed a draw and they will bet the river to get you off a medium strength hand.

In this particular hand I was dealt A6 suited which I raise. The one short stack at the table decides to call. Short stackers will typically play high pocket pairs and high cards with the plan to get it in with a high pair or when there pocet pair is an overpair.

The flop is 678 so I have bottom pair. Even though it's bottom pair I decide to make a continuation bet expecting the short stack to have missed the flop. They just call and a 7 comes on the turn to pair the board.

This is a good card to semi-bluff at and considering that the short stack has high cards and is chasing a flush you want to make them pay for the draw.

Again the villain decides to just call. If they had a strong hand they would have shoved at this point, so I am thinking I still have the best hand.

The river card is a 5 which makes more straight possibilites, however the flush draw did not hit, which I predict they are chasing so I feel I am still ahead.

A check/call makes sense in this spot so you can try and get the other player to bluff at the pot. As planned the short stack bets $3.75 leaving only a few chips remaining in ther stack. If they had a strong hand they would have definitely just shoved, so I am liking my hand and make the call.

The show A2 for a missed flush draw, so the plan of check calling the river to induce a bluff has worked.