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Bounty Tournament Strategy

Bounty tournaments are quickly gaining popularity in online poker and are now being offered by the majority of online poker rooms. In a bounty tournament a portion of your tournament entry fee goes towards the normal tournament prize pool, with the remaining portion becoming a bounty on your head. If you knock a player out of the tournament you earn their bounty and vice versa. The bounty amount is usually half of the buy-in, but different poker rooms all have slightly different bounty tournament structures. For example, at Carbon Poker half of your buy-in becomes your bounty, whereas at Cake Poker only a third becomes your bounty.

This article will investigate the changes in no limit hold’em tournament strategy that you should make to maximize the profit that you can make from bounty tournaments. These changes include tips on winning other players bounties and how you can use the bounty structure to your advantage when you are short stacked. The article also talks about the risk versus the reward of trying to win bounties and the situations where bounty hunting is a positive expected value play.

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One way to earn money in a bounty tournament is to bust other players out of the tournament. This means that hands where another player is all-in will play out much differently than in a normal tournament. This is because the players who are also in with the “all-in” player want to isolate to give themselves a better chance at winning the bounty. You will rarely see a hand checked to showdown when a player has all of his chips in the middle, which would be very common in a normal tournament. If you have a strong hand you want to isolate the “all-in” player. This means that you want to bet a large amount in the hopes that the other player who is looking for the bounty will fold. You don’t want a lot of callers seeing the flop when there is a bounty on the line, because each of these extra players is another player that could possibly suck out on you and take down the “all-in” player’s bounty.

If you hold a mediocre hand when a short stack player is going all-in you should try to see the flop for as cheap as possible. The goal here is to give yourself a chance to improve your hand and possibly take down the bounty. When whether to call in this situation you should include the value of the bounty when making your decision. This means you should call a little bit more than you would have if a bounty wasn’t on the line. If you make a strong hand on the flop, then it’s time to bet because you will either be able to isolate the short stack to win the bounty or you will have other players calling you with weak hands trying to hit a card on the turn or river. When you make a good hand in these situations it’s great because you can often win the bounty and win a lot of chips at the same time.

If you find yourself with a short stack in a bounty tournament, don’t worry. Bounty tournaments are the best structure of tournaments for short stacks to double up and climb back into contention. Once you get down to less than 15 times the big blind you should start pushing all-in with premium hands. By premium I mean hands like aces, kings, queens or ace-king. In a bounty tournament you are much more likely to be called when you push than in another tournament because players will want to try for your bounty. On the other hand, this also means it will be much more difficult to bluff with a short stack. For this reason you want to wait for a premium hand and push. If you find your stack falling below about eight times the big blind, you should start to increase the range of hands you will move all-in with and hope for the best.

In bounty tournaments the most common mistake is risking too many chips and your tournament life just to take down one player’s bounty. You have to always think of trying for a bounty in terms of risk versus reward. If the risk outweighs the reward then it is not worth it to try for the bounty. You have to remember that there is still a hefty prize pool for running deep into the tournament so this should be your main concern.

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