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Aggression in Short Handed NL Holdem

This video will give an example of why it's profitable to show aggression in the short handed version of no limit texas holdem.

Attacking the limpers is very profitable in 6-max games. If you don't steal the dead money before the flop, you take control of the hand post flop. It's a good pre flop strategy to use in position.

Even if you miss the flop many times you can bet the flop and take down the hand. If your opponent check/calls you can just give up the hand, but this doesn't happen nearly as much as when you take down the pot before the flop or when you miss the flop and still win the hand.

In this hand I am dealt KT in the CO. The shortstack at the table limps in and I decide to make a raise in position. The BB decides to call so it's a 2-way pot post flop.

The flop is a 6AQ rainbow flop giving me a gut shot straight draw. Considering I was the aggressor pre flop I will bet about 75% of the pot and try and take it down straight away. BB just check/calls so they probably have the A. Villain checks the turn when a 2 comes on the turn, which doesn't really change anything. I check to take the free card.

The river is a J giving me the nuts. BB decides to lead out and bet the river, making what seems a small value bet. Considering they probably have the A, with this board it's very likely they have a two pair hand as well, so you want to keep this in mind when determining what size raise you want to make on the river. Usually 3-4x the river bet is a nice size raise. Now because I bet the flop and slowed down the turn, villain is definitely not putting me on the nuts and I get paid off, winning a nice size pot.

So by being the aggressor in the hand, in situations like this when you make the nuts, you will get paid off big time.